How may we help you #GetConnectedDE?

About Delaware Libraries

At Delaware Libraries, we connect you with the technology or social service resources you need. We offer loanable devices, technology assistance, and kiosks that provide privacy to take job interviews or talk to health professionals. You can also access useful information regarding behavioral health and substance abuse, veteran affairs, employment, education, family courts, immigration, and food assistance. For more information about each of our services, continue browsing our website.

Device Access

In need of a Chromebook or WiFi hotspot? At Delaware Libraries you can borrow technology! Each device comes with a case and chargers that can be borrowed for one week. Plus, there are no late fees. Check one out today!

If you do have a Library Card
Option 1

Download the app!

Option 2

Login with your DE Library Card Number, then enter “Chromebook” or “WiFi Hotspot” in the search bar.​

Option 3

Visit your public library in person to check out a device.

If you do not have a Library Card

Sign up for a Free Card

Kiosk Service

Need a private, soundproof space to have a job interview, to talk to a therapist, and more? Delaware Libraries offers wheel-chair accessible spaces that fit 2-3 people, include high-speed internet, iPads, and hand sanitizer stations. With the tablets, you can Zoom, Skype, and use other video-conferencing software for telehealth, legal support, and employment assistance. Reserve a time at a “social service kiosk” at Delaware Libraries. 

If Your Local Library is in Laurel or Milford
Option 1 – Website

Book an appointment to use a kiosk here

Option 2 – Call In

Call your public library, ask for a “kiosk navigator” and book your appointment.

Milford: (302) 387-5726
Laurel: (302) 272-0106

Option 3 – In Person

Visit a public library, ask for a “kiosk navigator”, and book your appointment.

Milford: 11 S E Front St, Milford, DE 19963
Laurel: 101 E 4th St, Laurel, DE 19956

Note: you are not guaranteed a same day appointment.

If Your Public Library Is Not One Of These Locations:

The kiosk service is currently available at these three locations. We apologize for the inconvenience.
If you would like your public library to offer the kiosk service, let us know!
Contact Ask a Librarian DE:
Text: (302) 613-7477
Call: (302) 257-3030

If You Have Insurance, Or Can Pay Out Of Pocket:  

To find a new therapist, use one of these resources:
(1) Amwell
(2) BetterHelp
(3) MDLive

Schedule a FREE appointment to talk to a social worker today!

If You Do Not Have Insurance:
Visit Delaware ASSIST

Other Resources

Option 1: Substance Abuse

Find help through this website

Option 2: Crisis Hotline

If you are having a psychiatric or substance abuse crisis and need assistance, please contact Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (MCIS):

Northern Delaware Hotline, call: 800-652-2929

Southern Delaware Hotline, call: 800-345-6785

Option 3: Telebehavioral health (or online therapy) –

Reserve space at a private, soundproof kiosk at your public library.

Help in getting Medicaid in Delaware

Visit Delaware ASSIST

Schedule a FREE appointment to talk to a social worker today!

SSVF – Supportive Services for Veterans & Families

Behavioral Health Substance Use Disorder: contact your local VA and ask about behavioral health/ substance abuse support.

Military OneSource

Option 1: Looking for a job

Option 2: Need to file for unemployment

Option 3: Schedule a FREE consultation with an employment advisor at Delaware libraries to work on your resume/ cover letter, do mock interviews, or brainstorm.

Certificate Programs

DTCC: Learn more

Wilmington U: Learn more

UD: Learn more

How is Delaware Getting Connected?

With access to devices, soundproof rooms, expert staff, and technology classes, Delaware Libraries provide access for Delawareans to gain proficiency with technology. While using these devices, such as laptops, WiFi hotspots, tablets, and more, people can get assistance with telehealth, legal support, employment, social services, training, and educational resources.

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